There’s not many feelings on this earth that compares to the free-spirited adrenaline that accompanies the experience of riding a motorcycle. So it’s quite understanding how heartbreaking it is for motorcycle owners to lose their beloved bike keys. It must be terrible from being able to just pick up and hit the open road with the wind ruffling your hair, to frantically retracing your steps to find your misplaced key. Luckily for the residents of Pickering, we have a full staff of expert Pickering motorcycle locksmith specialists. It’s not always an easy task finding a locksmith company that can provide reliable key replacements for motorcycles, but at Pickering motorcycle locksmith we’re sure to provide any motorcycle locksmith services that may be needed by our neighbors here.


Aside from losing your motorcycle key, there’s nothing worse than having a locksmith company come out and attempt to provide you with a motorcycle service and not be qualified for the job. Some companies will say they have the capability to perform a motorcycle locksmith service, and then halfway through the service, you find out they’re not even able to do the service. At Pickering locksmith we have a full staff that’s able to assist you with a plethora of services. We go above and beyond the provisions of your average locksmith company. Our motorcycle locksmith technicians are equipped with all the tools, parts, and materials to assist you with the many service requirements that come along with motorcycle ownership. Our technicians have gone through extensive locksmith courses to ensure that they’ll provide nothing but outstanding motorcycle locksmith services in Pickering.


  • Brake Lock Removal & Replacement
  • Pickering motorcycle Ignition Key Replacement
  • Duplicate motorcycle Key Services in Pickering
  • Gas Cap Removal & Replacement
  • Ignition Replacements and Repairs
  • Gas Cap Key Replacement in Pickering
  • And Much More


One of the biggest hassles of misplacing your motorcycle key is having to get your bike to the location of service. Towing fees can be astronomical, and once you get your bike to the needed location, they may take days to weeks to actually perform the service.  When you call the mobile Pickering motorcycle locksmith service providers at Pickering Safe and Lock you’re not only saving money on towing costs, but you’re also guaranteeing same-day service on getting your motorcycle locksmith service. Our motorcycle locksmith technicians in Pickering will be sure to arrive on the scene within as little as 20 minutes from the time you call us and we’ll have all the tools necessary to complete any service requirements we come across on-site no matter how big or small, we promise to get your bike back on the road.

Whenever you find yourself in need of motorcycle locksmith services in Pickering, never hesitate to give motorcycle locksmith in Pickering a call. Our specialists are readily available and on call 24/7. We are eager to assist you with any motorcycle locksmith service needs you may have. Thanks to our extensive training, we’re more than  qualified to correct any of your service needs, and we can’t wait to show you. Give us a call today!